Favorite Articles of the Year

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Every year at this time, David Brooks of the New York Times Presents the “Sydney Awards” for the best magazine essays of the year. His first installment of this year’s awards can be found here.

In a similar fashion, throughout the year I have listed my favorite newspaper and magazine pieces in the section titled “The Article I’m Reading” in the right hand column of this page. Below is a collection of four of my favorite articles from this past year; they are all well worth a read.

The biggest news story of the year was the killing of Osama Bin Laden; Nicholas Schmidle wrote a great insider piece in the New Yorker about the raid. Getting Bin Laden – Nicholas Schmidle

 In the New York Times Magazine, John Tierney described scientific findings that our decision-making worsens as we make more and more decisions. Do You Suffer from Decision Fatigue? – John Tierney

I love sports, not just for the drama on the field, but for the reality television it creates off the field. Many events transcend sports and spill over into our everyday culture. The next two pieces are indicative of how sports is intertwined, whether we like it or not, into the fabric of our lives.

Jeffery Toobin’s New Yorker piece about the New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon and his dealings with Bernie Madoff is an eye-opening account that sheds light on the interactions that impacted the Mets franchise forever.  Madoff’s Curveball – Jeffery Toobin Warning: long

Wesley Morris wrote my favorite piece of the year. His piece The Rise of the NBA Nerd delves into numerous social and cultural issues surrounding the NBA and American Culture itself. This is a must read. 

Check back for the next “Article I’m Reading” and for next year’s collection of My Favorite Articles of the Year!