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Brief comment on the Debt Ceiling

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So for anyone who is not sure what to make of the national debate surrounding Raising the Debt Ceiling, consider this analogy:

Parents give their child a credit card.  The child asks how much they can spend.  The parents and child debate what the allowance should be, how much the child should pay, how much the parents should pay, etc.  Nowhere does anybody even consider not paying the credit card company.

The United States government is two weeks away from defaulting on its credit.  A default would stymie the economy in the US and the world and shake up confidence in financial markets for a long time.


First Post!

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While I expect to write about economics, sports, and teaching mathematics, my first post has to do with neither…

I spent much of my afternoon attempting to fix my iPhone 3GS.  The toggle switch for volume/silent was not working, so, with the help of I took the phone apart.  That was the easy part.  Once I realized that I have a defective part (unfortunately nothing was simply disconnected), I began the two hour process of trying to use my wife’s tweezers to replace infinitesimally small screws.  Classic 10 minutes to take apart, 2 hours to put back together.  I heard that the iPhone 4 and the like are put together with “screws” that need a custom screwdriver; so no do it yourselfers.  BushLeague

But in the end, my phone works and I’m happy waiting for the iPhone5…