Update: Article I’m Reading

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I started reading this article at a poker table and I have not stopped thinking about it since then.

In the New York Times Sunday Magazine, John  Tierney wrote this great piece about Decision Fatigue.

First Post!

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While I expect to write about economics, sports, and teaching mathematics, my first post has to do with neither…

I spent much of my afternoon attempting to fix my iPhone 3GS.  The toggle switch for volume/silent was not working, so, with the help of http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Installing-iPhone-3G-Vibrate-Ring-Switch/581/1 I took the phone apart.  That was the easy part.  Once I realized that I have a defective part (unfortunately nothing was simply disconnected), I began the two hour process of trying to use my wife’s tweezers to replace infinitesimally small screws.  Classic 10 minutes to take apart, 2 hours to put back together.  I heard that the iPhone 4 and the like are put together with “screws” that need a custom screwdriver; so no do it yourselfers.  BushLeague

But in the end, my phone works and I’m happy waiting for the iPhone5…