New website:

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My new website geared primarily towards math education has launched:

The title is With Respect to x, which references differential calculus (take a derivative with respect to x).  It also alludes to one of Algebra’s primary concepts: the variable. Respect the variable! 

I will continue to use this site for economic, education, and sports commentary.  Most of my site’s traffic is on math resource sites and it is easier for me to update a site based on my profession.  So, please visit my new site:



Update: Article and Site

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I came across this interesting article in the New Yorker by Nicholas Schmidle: Getting Bin Laden.

The Web Site I want to share is  They always have an interesting angle on the news.

Update: Article and Site

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I updated the article I’m reading and the site I’m visiting.  In order to archive:

Article I’m Reading: Madoff’s Curveball- Jeffery Toobin Jeffery Toobin’s piece about Mets owner Fred Wilpon and Bernie Madoff. Warning: long

Site I’m visiting: MLB Trade Rumors The best site for up to the minute trade rumors for every team