Built for January

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In my last post, I described the difference between a baseball team meant to win 90+ games over a 162 game season as opposed to a team that is built to win a best of seven series in October.

This past weekend, I was thinking about the New England Patriots and I think they built their team to win in January… against the Jets.  They don’t care that they will lose to Buffalo or may lose to some random team in a shootout (like against the Eagles).  I don’t even think that they care as much about winning now  versus winning in the playoffs against the Jets.

The Ochocinco signing allows the Patriots to play multiple sets with physical receivers… against a stacked secondary like the Jets. 

Defensively, the Patriots don’t care that they can’t stop anyone.  Against the Jets in the playoffs, the Jets offense will do more damage to themselves than the Patriots could with a strong defense.

I think Bill Belichick is sick of losing to Rex Ryan and designed his personnel and game plan based on competing against the Jets.  That may turn out to be a smart move since the teams will face each other twice and probably a third time in the playoffs.  First round this weekend.

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